Playing a better Game

Better communication, better understanding, better performance.

At the heart of any growth change lies interaction with people and others.

For those who want to improve effectiveness and communication we offer public speaking and performance coaching courses that we promise will enrich your life and others.


Public Speaking Programmes

Individual communication effectiveness

It is often noted that public speaking is a huge fear for many. The ability to speak and, also give feedback better and more effectively is a #1 for improving communication and relationships - both at work and as individuals.

Our 6 session, 2 hours a week programme will get you confident and started to make a difference.

The programmes offer ongoing support and individual coaching options.

From $60/pp/session - it is an easy investment in your personal development

Lifting Team and Personal Performance

Organisational/team effectiveness - Game 2

Lift your effectiveness at an organisational and team level with a new paradigm of team thinking.

Get 2x and over what you are currently getting.

Based in Neuroscience and the concept of team flow, the training demonstrates the power of asking 3 key questions constantly to massively improve outputs.

With Deloittes and many other large organisations already lifting their game - you can too.