Communicate Better

Get2Speak is a corporate and individual public speaking course designed to take you on a 'learn to public speak' journey.

For anyone who wants to be able to communicate better, to reduce fear or speaking to groups, to tell better stories, to be more effective, Get2Speak brings you along a gentle journey to learn and improve social & personal communication, at both social and work gatherings

The course is aimed at training and improving your public speaking skills in a short amount of time.

A typical course runs for 5-8 sessions, is limited to around 10 participants, and works with existing toastmaster clubs for ongoing benefits. It's a great way to start feeling confident to speak!

Whatever the challenge, (formal presentation, group discussion, business meeting, sales confrontation, employment interview) or even personal (wedding, group participation, charity and volunteering, social interaction) - the program can help you step up!

"We all have a natural ability to connect, yet so many of us shy away from the spotlight as we hold a fear that feels insurmountable."

Face your fears

Overcome public speaking fear with gradual exposure, in a supportive environment. We have been helping professionals, with moderate to severe public speaking issues, become dynamic, confident communicators in virtually any speaking situation.

Through steps designed to change our beliefs and taking small steps we realise most of us are simply untrained in how to best harness our speaking power.

Get2Speak is a short practical course in public speaking for the novice speaker. You'll be joining several other people who want to learn the basics of public speaking quickly in a supportive, friendly environment. Everyone is involved in all the activities each session. You'll may make new friends, learn new things, and have a lot of fun!


Personal development

Improve your professional development by improving personal communication.

Apart from job skills, supporting skills are very important in our personal development journey. Often softer skills are harder to define and get value from these. Improve your communication skills and contribute further.

  1. Gain confidence in public speaking
  2. Develop your communication and language skills
  3. Learn to think quickly and clearly
  4. Become an effective listener
  5. Use body language and visual aids
  6. Advance your social skills
  7. Improve your job or promotion prospects

Improve Business Skills

Better work communication helps deliver better results

Our tech-saturated, connected-yet-disconnected world, means that we are bombarded with information overload. However knowledge and information without the authentic human connection is the competitive advantage that can give you or your team the edge.

    1. Sell your products and services better
    2. Improved sales effectiveness, improved service delivery
    3. Get rid of the fluff, get to the point
    4. Research & know your audience
    5. Clear message, clean content, effective takeaways


Receive expert tuition and learn how to deliver powerful speeches to your friends and colleagues at work. Building confidence and reducing/eliminating the nerves so that you and your audience enjoy your presentations.

This fun and exciting course has changed many peoples lives, see how it can change yours. This very popular course fills up quickly. Secure your place today

How it works

For corporate workshops - we get groups of 5-10 participants to meet somewhere at the office (ie boardroom) or a space close by for 90-120 minutes sessions once a week for 5-8 sessions (depending on requirements).

These sessions work best before the work day ie 7am start to reduce distractions and minimise impact whilst improving teamwork.

What you get

    • Mini Projects to work through -
    • Tutorials and practicals
    • Evaluation and listening skills
    • Workbook and ongoing support
    • Certificate of accomplishment
    • Links to Toastmasters for post course or additional learning


"Great supportive environment to get comfortable and learn about crafting and presenting speeches"

Nicola R

"Superb course for upping your speaking game and growing confidence."

Kate B

"Whilst challenging fitting in the crash course alongside full-time work, I would fully recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their spoken skills. Giving speeches in a supportive environment has really helped to build my confidence - I've learned a lot about myself and learned a lot from my fellow speaking students."

John K