G2S was formed in 2004 to improve communication and performance across individuals, teams and organisations.

It starts with the premise "we are what we think" and helps define a better way to think about ourselves.

The G2S group of companies covers:

  • ChangeLife - personal and business change through therapy and coaching
  • GSD (Getting Stuff Done) - Sustainability done strategically and process / behaviour focused.

Bio - Gary Walker

Passionate about sustainability, doing the right thing and knowing the 'why'

○ Marketing, sales, general management & strategic leadership background

○ Personal/team coach & mentor for business and life improvement, providing guidance and systems to support a better life.

With a career spanning over 35+years in various industries - my strengths include people and project management, excellent communication, marketing & sales focus across government, large corporate & small business. My latest focus was around sustainability leadership and carbon management planning.

I am goal oriented, strategic yet creative. I work on practical implementation and communication whilst having a firm eye analysing the numbers. An IT nerd at heart with a good understanding of hosted services, digital marketing campaigns and the importance of online and good processes to get stuff done well..

Roles include being a successful company, marketing & sales leader with direct reports with cost & profit accountability. A strong speaker/presenter - I am comfortable & enjoy presentations and training to a wide audience incl. board members, staff, users & customers.

On the people front I have managed a number of teams, staff and clients. Skills have been gained to help motivate, mentor, coach & support others to get the best for them.

I have a Bsc in Psychology and Computer Science, postgrad management Diploma, Master NLP Practitioner/ Hypnotherapist, PRINCE2 project management, with skills in HR and finance, strategic and coaching leadership, and a personal/team coach for business and life improvement

At my core - I am a coach - at a personal, team and organisational level, for life improvement, leadership, accountability, speaking & sustainability. Over the past 15 years I have seen hundreds of clients helping improve their potential

Personal interests - a qualified mentor for a volunteer lifeline organisation, president of a top Toastmasters club and lifecoach. I keep fit and healthy and have a passion for yoga, golf, snowboarding, volleyball, dance, neuroscience, self-development, sustainability and the environment.

Coaching / Public Speaking

  • Toastmaster accredited and have been president for anumber of years
  • Speaker to trainer course
  • Speechcraft training
  • Improv
  • Successful coaching and counselling practice with over 250 clients
  • Sales, systems and effective team work workshops